The motivation behind this blog can be summarized here in this post, a snippet of which I will include here:

...to document my own discoveries, triumphs, and failures as I begin my foray into the investing world in an attempt to "beat the market." It is my intention to keep my ideas and impulses open and transparent. The purpose being two-fold: to simultaneously educate others about how to invest their money and to keep myself under constant scrutiny in my ventures.

It is worth noting that I have no prior financial or investing experience nor education. But I shall treat this not as a liability, but as an asset. I will discuss and test the theoretical foundations behind investing, taking nothing for granted. Ultimately, my goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the markets behave and develop a series of investment strategies to maximize my returns.

The name of the blog comes from archery. The idea is that investing should be about achieving consistently good results year after year, just as an archer strives for consistency in his every shot. It takes just one bad arrow to put you significantly behind the competition. And similarly as individuals, we cannot afford to take a frequentist approach to investing. Exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks is not the business of an individual investor, because it takes only one bad market downturn to wipe out all your assets.

It also reminds us that while exceptional results are good, we must remain skeptical and humble. Like in archery, the rewards are in the long run and are achieved through consistently good results.

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This blog is maintained by Chenyu Zhao. I am currently a software engineer at Google. I graduated from UC Berkeley.

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